Core Values

Christ-centered education means we teach and lead from a Christian worldview. We integrate biblical truth throughout a curriculum built on reading, math and other core subjects, including music, art and physical education. We nurture all students for optimal spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth.
What does this look like for students?
If you ask any LUMIN student, "What does it mean to RISE UP?," they'll be able to tell you that RISE UP stands for Respect, Integrity, Service, Empathy, Unity and Perseverance. Every week we focus on a different RISE UP character trait, and we study examples of each trait in the Bible. Students are conscious of their behavior, and focus on being living examples of these character traits each day. As we RISE UP together, children feel safe and inspired to learn.
What does this look like for leaders and teachers?
LUMIN Schools staff have the responsibility of being role models whose words and actions can impact students well into adulthood. Each day they have to show up to intentionally live LUMIN's core values:
We believe it is our responsibility to DRIVE EVERY CHILD’S SUCCESS.
We EMBRACE THE PROCESS of learning and champion a “whatever it takes” attitude.
We GENERATE JOY in our daily work because we believe our work is fun.
We RISE UP as leaders in our schools and community.
We LEAD LIKE JESUS because we are a community of humble Christ-followers.
We VALUE THE TEAM God has brought together and build up all of its members.
Will you RISE UP with us? Schedule a tour to experience our values in action. We'd love to welcome your family into the LUMIN Ascension family.